You, Beautiful

Why ‘beautiful someone’? (I get asked this a lot.)

I left a communications career to write books about hope.

It started with journal entries, just scribbles about my life: a young marriage, his infidelity, then divorce. Remarriage, infertility, miscarriages, then one day, two beautiful babies.

Working for other people, then myself as I built a business up from nothing. Employees came and went. I held on by my fingernails through hard times. I’ve been broke (well, almost broke, I did have $5.62), financially comfortable, and everything in between.

I’ve lived through textbook narcissistic abuse in both family and romantic relationships and carry the deep wounds these experiences leave behind.

I survived a full decade with anorexia and recovered, in itself one of my greatest achievements.

Furious writing

Those journal entries? They were a kind of furious writing. A notebook from Target, a stubby old pencil I dug out of the junk drawer, and me sitting in the kitchen, in the garden, on the porch, on the grass: just writing, writing, writing. A second notebook, and then a third.

When I stopped to read what I’d written, I had the strongest impulse to tell my younger self, “You’re doing great. You can’t see it yet, but those struggles will become your strengths. The joys will give you hope.”

Then I wanted to hug her — this younger me — and say, “You are beautiful.”

And something more: I was sure that sharing these experiences, using them to help anyone who doesn’t know just how beautiful they are, would help me too. It would dull the pain of the bad times and multiply the joys of the good.

And so, beautiful someone, maybe the experiences I share in Blossie’s Books will help you jump a learning curve, stop a boundary crasher, sprint past a naysayer, create the future you want, and live bravely.

I hope so.

Most of all, please remember: you are beautiful.