Hi, I’m Diana

Hello, beautiful someone!


I’m Diana Davin, author and publisher of Blossie’s Books.


I live in a rural part of Connecticut where I moved from New York/New Jersey about 8 years ago. My husband Doug and I have two children who are the center of our lives, also two cats, one dog, 12 chickens, and two beehives which we are told means we have 80,000 or so bee babies.


A little more about me:


My days: writing (a lot), weaving, gardening, working out (a lot)

Fav food: cheese doodles (I know.)

Beach or mountains? Oh, definitely both.

Life goal: Never stop starting.

Life quote: Expect nothing. Blame no one. DO something.


Quick story

You know how sometimes you have an honest-to-goodness revelation, a crystal clear insight into a situation, a relationship, a job, who you are? I had one about a year ago.


Early morning. My kitchen. Hot coffee. Laptop open and waiting for inspiration.


I am addicted to hope. I just typed it without thinking. Addicted to hope. Huh.


I sat with that for a while and decided it’s totally true. I can’t seem to give up on the idea that we can always create tomorrow the way we want it to be. And this is not some flimsy hope, like what we feel sitting outside on a sunny day when nothing’s wrong. It’s easy to be hopeful then.


This hope is strong and active. It makes things happen. And when they don’t, it grieves, it learns, and then it shakes the dust off its feet and moves on with better ideas and fresh energy to jump in with both feet and try again.


(And then I write a book about it for you, beautiful someone!)