Welcome to Blossie @work!

Work today has changed — a lot. Our true lives (families, kitchens, basements, cars)… are newly visible and accepted. Our in-person jobs in restaurants, gyms, grocery and retail stores can also get a lift from a new outlook of flexibility, kindness, respect, generosity, and support.

So, maybe more should change too…maybe it’s time to see success as something bigger than just money and power. This would also be a great time to ditch productivity at the expense of creativity, winning by creating a loser, and competing instead of cooperating.

Because in this new world of work, we can succeed and still be gracious and grateful and giving. Instead of climbing over other people, we can take them with us. We can excel and enjoy the work we do and the people we do it with and for.

As always, beautiful someone, I am hopeful.

Now, let’s go be awesome — at work!

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