Dream Come True

Dream Come True: How love, gratitude, and simplicity can bring your beautiful dream to life!

Our dreams are incredibly fragile. That sense that nothing’s impossible—the belief behind every dream we go after—takes such a beating as years go by and we have more responsibility and live through tough times. But we’ve got to protect our dreams. When things are going wrong or seem outside our control or are just not how we pictured they would be, our dreams are a soft place to land. They keep hope alive, and not just for us. They are our greatest gift to ourselves but also to the people we love and the world around us. Because dreams—hope in something better—make the world a happier, healthier, and ultimately even saner place.

When we believe in our ability to grow and make life better, to expand on the things that work and fix the ones that don’t, we stretch, reach, learn, invent, make new connections, create fresh ideas, sometimes spark change, precisely because we believe it’s possible.

Dream Come True will help you find your passion for discovery and sense of wonder that lets you fly by “what is” on your way to “what could be” like every world-changer who refused to be limited by what was reality at the time, and instead imagined what was possible. Think Wright, Edison, Fleming, and King…that’s flight, light, penicillin, and Chromosome 17 (a discovery that led to life-saving breakthroughs in cancer screening and treatment).

Doesn’t mean we have to reinvent fire or end poverty, just that every time we believe in a better future, every time we give in to our sense of wonder and possibility, we join this tribe of world-changers. It doesn’t matter if we want to learn to crochet or fly a helicopter, get promoted or start a business, run a cancer walk or add a wing to the hospital that saved the life of someone we love, beautiful someone, just look at the company we’re in!

Dream Come True is filled with Diana Davin’s best hope-addicted, dream-seeking ideas together in one book. In three inspiring parts: Love, Gratitude, and Simplicity, Diana explains how our dreams keep hope alive and let us stretch, learn, invent, make new connections, and create fresh ideas precisely because we believe they can.