Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible: Attract the best of everything in your work and career!

Once we understand it and have solid strategies for boosting it every day, our irresistibility at work earns us respect, makes us more effective at everything we try…and it does something even more important: it literally accelerates our success by strengthening our relationships and deepening our business connections with the people we work with and for.

As we build this amazing career asset, things begin to move in positive directions.

  • People confide in us, and that means we’re in the loop — and in the know.
  • Since we have a reputation for being balanced and insightful, people listen to our opinions and ideas and take them seriously.
  • We’re trusted with the best assignments.
  • We’re invited into the room when important decisions are being made, increasing our influence.

But out of everything that an “irresistibility boost” lets us accomplish, its greatest power may be that it helps us be visible in positive ways.

Because whatever must-achieve career goal we’re after:

  • A new job
  • More recognition
  • A promotion or raise
  • Better opportunities
  • Higher sales
  • Connecting with an influential person

…being irresistible has the power to put us in front of the right people and shortlisted for the best opportunities.

Simply Irresistible is filled with ideas and strategies to get us started.

Please enjoy this important book!