The Gift of No Second Edition

The Gift of No Second Edition:

Stop Saying Yes When You Really Mean No, and Start Taking Better Care of Yourself and the People You Love!

No is an incredible gift. Give this gift to yourself and the people you love, and the story of your life becomes amazing: YOU are happy and relaxed. THEY get the real you…plus your full heart, your honest effort, your authentic self. No resentment, no keeping score. Just solid, honest, real relationships…and a lot less stress!

In The Gift of No, readers uncover the secrets of saying no with strength. They find their unique no-zones, or boundaries, and learn to enforce them with confidence. Organized into four parts and filled with real-life stories, The Gift of No is a unique take on conflict management that’s powerful, effective, and also light and fun.

A special message: 
The Gift of No was my first Blossie’s Book.

The changes and additions I’ve made to this second edition come from readers who wanted a bit more, like quotes and chapter summaries. This version is also enriched by five more years of life experience and time running Blossie’s Books.

My heart to yours beautiful someone: please enjoy this important book. My hope is that it brings you strength, calm, and peace as you pursue your dreams and take good care of yourself and the people you love and care about.

As always, wherever you are on your journey to awesome, I’m incredibly happy you’re spending some time with me.