The Gift of No

Stop saying yes when you really mean no, and start taking better care of yourself and the people you love!


No is an incredible gift!

The Gift of No will help you uncover what really matters to you, how to say no to the things that don’t, and actually make every relationship you have better.

Give The Gift of No to yourself and the people you care about and watch the story of your life become amazing.

You are happy, relaxed, and comfortable.

They get the real you, plus your full heart, your honest effort, your authentic self. No irritation. No resentment. No keeping score. Just solid, honest, relaxed, real relationships…and a lot less stress!

So…whether you work for yourself or someone else, are between jobs or choosing to stay at home, dealing with family issues, friendships, or coworkers—no matter where and how you live—no is a gift you can give yourself and the people you care about. Starting right now.

The Gift of No is basic equipment for a happy life!