Dare to Be You

The world is a brighter and better place because you’re in it!

Since the dawn of time, there’s never been anyone with your unique combination of genetics, brains, fingerprints, experiences, and relationships. In every way, we’re each one-of-a-kind.

This is why it never makes sense to compare ourselves to other people: what they have, what they drive, who they’re with, their job, education, appearance…and yet we do!

We spend waaay too much time looking at everyone else, reading about “overnight” successes (who have almost always worked 10 years behind the scenes before their big breakthrough), about prodigies and instant billionaires.

So the title of this e-book nudged something in you.

Maybe it was, Yeah, I want to feel good about being myself, but right now…

“I feel like I’m always faking it.”


“I just constantly shapeshift to make other people happy.”


“I’m so exhausted. I just want to relax and be myself for once.”


“I can’t talk about what I really want to do with my life. Everyone would just laugh.”


“There are so many things I want to do but I can’t because I’m so busy making sure everyone else is okay.”

Yet happiness, joy, and calm — plus lots of extra time and energy — can be yours from just knowing how to relax into your true self, learning to be organic, with nothing to prove and nothing to fake.

Picture it…

Never apologizing for who you are or what makes you unique.

Not pretending — anything — so you can fit in or impress someone.

Taking genuine pride in what you’re good at.

Knowing you’re enough as you are, and you deserve to be loved.

Being relaxed and comfortable in your own body, behind your own eyes.

Saying yes without fear and no without guilt.

Not needing the approval of other people.

All just by daring to be yourself.

Let’s do this!

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