No Is a Complete Sentence

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, are between jobs or choosing to stay at home, dealing with family issues, friendships, or co-workers—no matter where and how you live—no is a gift you give yourself and the people you care about. Getting comfortable with no will make you and everyone around you happier, healthier, and saner than ever. It will literally improve your life from the inside out.

So that’s the concept, beautiful someone: getting comfortable, even excited, about saying no in a healthy, balanced way.

Inside this must-read, I things like:

  • What do you want? Your goals help you decide what to say no to
  • Make ’em stick…with strength and personal power.
  • Ready for pushback: When someone questions your no — be ready!
  • A complete sentence: Sometimes no just means no.

And lots more…

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