Nothing is more powerful than why

Beautiful someone, please enjoy this powerful excerpt from my book, Dream Come True…and Happy Spring!


When we focus on “why,” “how” takes care of itself.

Ask anyone who’s done the impossible why they did it, what gave them the energy to push past the roadblocks and frustrations, the destructive doubts and difficult people, and chances are you’ll hear about a personal passion, a clear reason they had to achieve this particular goal.

They couldn’t give up because they needed to support a family.

They had to prove to themselves they were worth something more.

They wanted to experience life at its highest and most fulfilling.

And so reaching for the goal wasn’t just about using their head and their hands. It was about using their heart. The “how” ended up taking a backseat to the “why.”

Find the heart

Why is this so important? One simple reason: our hearts will sustain us when the going gets tough. The heart is what makes our dreams worth working for. A dream based only on money or recognition will not be sustainable when we hit the inevitable rough water. We’ll be oh-so-tempted to ditch because it’s “too hard” or the pothole we just hit is “too deep.” “I just don’t have the heart to keep going,” will be in our head.

But when we know why on a heart-level we need to do something, we’ll find unexpected energy, unending determination, and the power to persist regardless of…anything.

Nothing is more powerful

Think of an important dream. Now, what true desire of your heart is behind it, beautiful someone? What will it add to your life that’s so important to you? Memories or money? Freedom or connection? Time at home or the thrill of travel? Status or solitude? A bigger contribution to the world or to your own savings? Creative joy or practical magic?

We need to know because nothing is more powerful than a good why. Reminding ourselves why we’re going after a certain dream is serious motivation that will help find the “how” to push through the disappointments and exasperations. It’ll give us heavy duty empowerment and turbo-charged creativity for obstacle busting, and energy to see the dream through to the end.

So think it through, and fill in some (or all!) of the blanks below.

“Once I make my dream come true…

  • I’ll be able to _____________.”
  • The most important people in my life will ____________.”
  • I’ll have more/less_________.”
  • My family will ____________.”
  • I’ll be more _____________.”
  • My business will be able to __________________.”