Out of the question!

The first Blossie @work! book…coming in February 2021!

Questions shape our thoughts and actions because our brains immediately begin to think of answers to any question we’re asked.

With this kind of power, we need to be exquisitely careful about the questions we ask. When these questions are negative and uninspiring…

  1. “Why does this always have to happen?”
  2. “Why is business so heartless?”
  3. “Why can’t they just leave well enough alone?”
  4. “Can’t they just stop demanding so much from me?”
  5. “Why doesn’t he just do it himself?”

…our minds are on the lookout for answers: “You know why this always happens?  Because no one really cares” or “Because business is always just about the money.”


Irresistible people understand the power of questions and use them to keep the mood upbeat, spark new ideas, and frame opportunities and fresh starts:

  • “What do you think are your best opportunities right now?”
  • “How can you build on that idea?”
  • “How can you make it better next time, even just a little?”
  • “What steps can you take to solve this problem, and who can help you?”
  • “What can you do to make yourself more marketable?”

Take a second to think about how great you feel when someone asks you questions like these and how irresistible you find the people asking them!

More ideas for us

  • “What’s been your best experience with…”
  • “If you could change this to the ideal situation/result, what would that be?”
  • “If you had a break in your day-to-day work and could fix anything around here, what would you tackle?”
  • “Who was your favorite person to work with last year?”
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