“It’s amazing what love can do”

Please enjoy this excerpt from my new book:
You, Beautiful: Getting gorgeous from the inside out.

Coming soon!

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When we say someone loves themselves, it’s not a compliment. Just the opposite. Loving yourself is being self-involved, selfish. It’s embarrassing to be described this way.

“It’s amazing what love can do”

It can be more socially acceptable to put ourselves down so other people can be comfortable (honestly though, if that’s what it takes to make the people around us comfortable, we need new people). Read More

Be kind to yourself

Please enjoy this excerpt from my new book:
You, Beautiful: Getting gorgeous from the inside out.

Coming soon!

Blossie’s Books started with journal entries, just pages of scribbles and reflections about my life: a young marriage, his infidelity, then divorce. Remarriage, infertility, miscarriages, then one day, two beautiful babies.

Working for other people, then myself as I built a business up from nothing. Employees came and went. I held on by my fingernails through hard times. I’ve had $5.62 to my name, been financially comfortable, and literally everything in between.

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“Trust your gut — it never lies”

Read more about living boldly in Braving It!

Sometimes, a choice seems perfect…

  • He/she says all the right things.
  • The job in Chicago has great benefits, good opportunities for advancement, and the company will pay for relocation.
  • The apartment is close to work, spacious, and available for the right price.

Still, for some reason, we hesitate.

When we hesitate, there’s a reason

There’s the temptation to say, “What is wrong with me — this is so perfect!” But beautiful someone, when we hesitate, there’s a reason. Something is going on intuitively that we need to trust and pay attention to. Read More

Courage to create

Please enjoy this excerpt from Braving It, one of my absolute favorite books. You gotta read the whole thing…there’s so much in here about living boldly and freely! This post is from the chapter: “Create your joy”

“Creativity takes courage,” said master French painter Henri Matisse. It definitely does take courage to dance and sing and paint when we feel like we can’t. We don’t know how, and even if we do, we’re not “good” at it. One look at the stores on Etsy, at what people are creating, or anyone whose work is on display at a gallery or museum, or dancers online or on stage is enough to stop us. We could never…

But, beautiful someone, we can.

Yeah, we can

We can move our feet to music. We can open our mouths and make sounds to musical notes. We can put pencil to paper and draw lines. We can look through the lens of a camera, find a gritty urban scene, and capture it in a compelling composition. Read More

“I am beautiful”

Please enjoy this excerpt from my new book,
You, Beautiful: Getting gorgeous from the inside out…Coming Soon!

“I am beautiful.”

What would it feel like to say this to yourself — and really mean it?

Most of us would feel silly or even cringe looking in the mirror and saying these words. We’d think first, not true. (Says who?) Second, that’s so vain. (Again, says who?)

Valuing ourselves this way — as inherently beautiful and by implication, worthy of love and respect — is a radical act Read More