We teach people how to treat us

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It’s true. We really do.

Through our actions, especially what we choose to overlook or confront, we teach people how they are allowed treat us. When we let them talk to us a certain way or when we look the other way as they take advantage of us — when we go along to get along — we are actually teaching people what’s okay with us.

At the same time (and to look at it more positively), this works the other way too. Our reactions also show people how we want to be treated, where our boundaries are, and what we like about being in a relationship with them.

A good opportunity

This isn’t to blame you for any mistreatment that’s come your way! Instead, it’s an opportunity! A good opportunity for you to speak up, to set and enforce your boundaries, to actively and energetically show people that if they want to be in any kind of relationship with you, you require them to respect you as much as you respect yourself.

What does this have to do with self-confidence? A whole lot! Because when we’re confident, we’re literally broadcasting to the world that we believe we’re worthy of high quality relationships, opportunities, and experiences.

We. Are. Worthy.

And when this is our vibe, people respond to it. They don’t take liberties with us or put demands on us because our calm confidence is like a giant STOP sign. We’re stopping this treatment before it can even start.

Real magic

And this, beautiful someone, is the real magic of self-confidence: people see it in us and treat us accordingly. When we’re confident in ourselves, they’re confident in us — they believe in our strength of character, they feel our personal power. The self-respect we project comes back to us as the respect of others. Next, we respond the way a confident person does. Then, they treat us with even greater respect…

It is literally a positive upward spiral: the more confident we act, the more respect we get. Then, the more confident we feel. And the more confident we feel, the more confident we act.