YES changes everything!

Yes Changes Everything!Please enjoy this excerpt from
the opening of Yes Changes Everything!

There is this amazing story about the day John Lennon and Yoko Ono met: in the Fall of 1966, Yoko was in London for an art exhibition. Already an accomplished avant-garde artist, Yoko was displaying her works at the Indica Gallery as part of an exhibition called Unfinished Paintings and Objects.

John visited the gallery the day before the show was scheduled to open. He was skeptical about the displays, and the artist herself, who greeted him with a card that read, literally, “Breathe.”

One piece got his attention, though…

Yes matters so much

Yoko had placed a ladder that led up to a canvas on the ceiling on which some tiny type appeared. John had to climb the ladder and look through a small telescope to see what it said.

You might’ve expected the word to be “love” or “hope,” but as he stood there squinting through the magnifying glass on top of that small ladder, he could see that the word was “Yes.”

I heard this story a long time ago, and I never forgot it. What does it say about me (maybe about you too 😊) that this story would be so intriguing in the sense of being unique, memorable, thought-provoking?

What is it about yes that might matter so much?

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Yoko’s message

Sometimes I play a game with myself, well maybe it’s not a game, more like a spiritual exercise: I ask myself if I knew my life would soon be over, what would be the one or two or 20 things I’d be most mad I didn’t accomplish?

Thinking about that list, I ask myself: am I making those things, or that one thing, a priority in my life? Am I saying yes to it and concentrating my best energy there?

It’s a great reality check: am I saying yes to the right things in my life? The things that really matter to me and the people I love? Or (more likely when I check-in like this), am I cluttering up my life with a bunch of urgent stuff — the in-my-face unavoidable deadlines of life, the errands I have to run, appointments I need to keep, deadlines I can’t avoid (April 15, anyone?) — and not focusing on the goals that aren’t urgent but definitely important? My beautiful, amazing, super-critical-to-me goals and bucket list?

Like this:

Urgent Important
Get to work on time  Plan my next career move
Pay bills Create a savings plan
Fix a cavity Get teeth cleaned
Make dinner Plan and buy a week of healthy groceries

The reason I love this reality check is that, like Yoko, I’m learning that what I say yes to is incredibly important, an idea I think her piece was signaling by making yes small and hard to see.

Yes doesn’t have to scream—it’s that powerful.


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Yes Changes Everything!

Yes Changes Everything!  Free your inner awesome…one yes at a time 

The yes that changes everything opens the door to amazing in your life. And maybe even more important, it doesn’t end there; yes also changes everything that happens afterward.

When we say yes, a bunch of wonderful side effects cascade into our lives:

We are open, inviting, easy to be around, and counted on to be a constructive voice for other people.

We’re plugged in to what’s new and happening, innovations and fresh ideas and discoveries.

We’re energized, on the move, not stagnant in our ideas, jobs, relationships, or joyful pursuits.

Our minds and hearts are young, flexible, and healthy.

We’re included — maybe even top-of-mind — when anyone (a friend, neighbor, coworker, manager) is thinking of someone for a new project or pursuit because we have a reputation for liking to try new things.

We’re creative and resourceful (because the yes that changes everything is positive, but not always easy!).

We’re never bored — or boring!

In this light, fun book, let’s find out together how to include this superpower — the choice to say yes — in our lives in the healthiest ways!