YES is a fountain of youth 

…from my next book, Yes Changes Everything! Coming in May 2020!

I head to CVS for cotton balls and polish remover—that’s it, that’s all I’m getting.

That. Is. All.

Except that when I get there, right away my eyes (and my feet) are drawn to the shiny lip glosses, sparkly eyeshadows, primers that promise smooth clear skin…and every cosmetic do-dad under the sun. Do I have that color? Have I tried that brand? Would that foundation work on me? Oooo this one’s organic—gotta try that because well, it’s good for me.

I’m not proud of myself for this. And it happens a lot. My bathroom drawers are full of every product under the sun. Most I’ve tried. Some are still sealed. The fewest are the ones I actually use.

I seem to be in a never-ending search for the potion or lotion that is going to make me walk out into the world, not with the face I have, but with one I can create. One that’s brighter, more colorful, smoother, and let’s just say it—younger.

I’m learning though that youth isn’t really what I’m after. I mean if you asked me do you want to go back and be 25 or 30 again, um no. I don’t want to re-live all those awkward situations, job uncertainties, bad relationships, boundary-crashing relatives—all just to get rid of a few smile lines. What I’m searching for is the feeling of being young—hopeful with the best of life out ahead of me, positive and invincible.

Okay so no one is invincible—got that memo when I was somewhere around 30—but the rest? Hope-filled? Positive? Those I can do. And I don’t need to drive anywhere, spend any money, clutter up my vanity, or be disappointed (again) at the way anything pink looks on my face.

I just need to be open to new ideas and people and experiences. I need to allow myself the life-giving exhilaration of a yes that changes everything. That exhilaration does more for the youthfulness of our faces, and the rest of our bodies, than any product we can buy and apply. The fascinating field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) examines how our minds and nervous systems interact. PNI studies have found direct links between psyche (our minds) and soma (our bodies), specifically, a complex system of communication between our brains, immune systems and responses to stress. How we feel physically is influenced by our mental state. And our mental state is influenced by our physical condition.

We can skip the science

We don’t even have to dig into science to know how real this is: we get a really great cut and style at the salon and walk out feeling fresh and clearheaded. We clean and organize our home office and feel instantly more productive in it. Go through the car wash and exit feeling like the car drives better. The interplay between our physical experiences and our sense of hope and possibility is undeniable. We experience it all the time.

And for these reasons the yes that changes everything is a fountain of youth for us. Every yes that has the power to change everything is a new beginning — and isn’t that the real meaning of youth?

Maybe the best part — there’s no expiration date on that bottle.