Yes Changes Everything!

Yes Changes Everything!  Free your inner awesome…one yes at a time 

The yes that changes everything opens the door to amazing in your life. And maybe even more important, it doesn’t end there; yes also changes everything that happens afterward.

When we say yes, a bunch of wonderful side effects cascade into our lives:

We are open, inviting, easy to be around, and counted on to be a constructive voice for other people.

We’re plugged in to what’s new and happening, innovations and fresh ideas and discoveries.

We’re energized, on the move, not stagnant in our ideas, jobs, relationships, or joyful pursuits.

Our minds and hearts are young, flexible, and healthy.

We’re included — maybe even top-of-mind — when anyone (a friend, neighbor, coworker, manager) is thinking of someone for a new project or pursuit because we have a reputation for liking to try new things.

We’re creative and resourceful (because the yes that changes everything is positive, but not always easy!).

We’re never bored — or boring!

In this light, fun book, let’s find out together how to include this superpower — the choice to say yes — in our lives in the healthiest ways!