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Blossie’s Books are a quick read of simple ideas we can use to create an absolutely awesome life.
Our tools: hope, optimism, and personal power.
And so beautiful someone, I’ve written books like The Gift of No, Dream Come True, You Know What I Should Have Said? and The Becoming Journal.
Coming soon are Yes Changes Everything, Braving It, Simply Irresistible!, and a hundred other books I have in my mind and my heart to write for you.
And a promise: I write honestly and personally, sharing stories of my own and those of my friends and clients. My greatest hope is that you find inspiration in our journeys — bumpy as they so often are — that gives you confidence to create the future of your dreams and wake up to the wildly awesome person you are. 
Write to me at diana@blossiesbooks.com. I so want to hear your story!
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