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Blossie’s Books are a quick read of simple ideas we can use to create an absolutely awesome life.
Our tools: hope, optimism, and personal power.

And so beautiful someone, I’ve written books like The Gift of No, You Know What I Should Have Said?, and Braving It, plus the Blossie@work! books: Simply Irresistible! and Blue Skies Ahead!

And just released: You, Beautiful: Getting gorgeous from the inside out!

Coming soon are The Beautiful Road, Love: Us, and a hundred other books I have in my mind and my heart to write for you!

The Sparks and Whispers Mysteries are stories of hope I’ve written for children ages 8 to 12. In each story, the children see in themselves qualities of a main character who changes from “small and not-at-all important” (Eli Brown in The Giving Pin), “weird and wild” (Ruby Lourdes in Ruby’s Water Wings), and “meek and mild” (Mari Summers in Mari Summers Learns to Dance — coming soon) into a strong person, confident and kind, someone who one day passes the blessing of the Gift on to others.

Beautiful someone, I write every one of my books honestly and personally, sharing stories of my own and those of my friends and family. My greatest hope is that you find inspiration in our journeys — bumpy as they so often are — that gives you confidence to create the future of your dreams and wake up to the wildly awesome person you are. At the heart of everything I do lies a deep passion for helping us all live with intention and beauty.

Write to me at diana@blossiesbooks.com. I so want to hear your story…wherever you are on your journey to awesome!

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Book of the Month! Ruby’s Water Wings

About five years ago, my idea for The Sparks and Whispers Mysteries started to take shape.

The stories would be aimed at children ages 8 to 12 or so…already reading on their own, but young enough to appreciate the magic of mystery. They would help children believe in hope and possibility and continue to spark that sense of wonder they’re born with, wonder that never needs to end.